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Issue 12 - New Keyboard


The cover image is from a new Nuphy keyboard I bought after being recommended.

Tracing the heart, meaning that the footprints of the soul flow with the shadow, recording, tracing, and reflecting on one's inner world. At the same time, recommend interesting information seen each week.

I reorganized the utility applications I usually use on my computer on Saturday. I will use them for a month to see the effect. I don't want to be a slave to tools, I want to create more content. After a month, regardless of the outcome, I will write an article to talk about my thoughts.

Next week, I will have four days off. The company is considerate, not having to work on New Year's Eve, just need to swipe the attendance card for field work. There isn't much work, so I will have more time to do my own things.

Because I have a dog, I don't really want to visit relatives. It's not easy to handle the dog. Maybe it's because I don't want to visit relatives myself, so I blame it on the dog. I feel it's not interesting and I'm annoyed that they might ask me to be the driver. If there's nothing important, I'll just leave.

New Keyboard#

This week, I came across a keyboard on Twitter. This time it's black. I've also seen a gray-black one before and was tempted to buy it. Now I'm using a white keyboard that is a collaboration between the Minority and Keychron 3, which is also pretty good. However, it may be due to the keycap material, after a long time, it becomes oily and some of the letters on some keys are almost worn off (yes, I'm talking about the command key).


This time I chose a Tangerine switch. There are a total of four types of switches, I don't understand these new switches, I only know about red, blue, and brown switches. I just chose a switch that is not too heavy, and it does feel different from the previous red switch, they say it has a mahjong sound.

It's really good to use, the feel is great, and you can also customize some keys, but I'm too lazy to tinker with it, so I just use it normally. However, there are still some accidental touches, and the size of the keys is slightly different from the previous keyboard, so I need to get used to it.

New Book I Just Finished#

This week, I finished reading "The Devotion of Suspect X" by Keigo Higashino in just two and a half hours. At first, I was afraid to read this kind of novel because I was afraid that the names of the characters would be too difficult to remember. This book is fine, there are fewer characters, and now I remember the characters and the plot quite clearly. I remember finishing it on the subway home from work. When the two characters cried together at the end, I thought there would be more to the story, but that was the end of the book. After finishing it, I didn't feel satisfied. Instead of calling it a detective novel, it's more like a love story. When the male protagonist was thinking about suicide, he saw the female protagonist have the courage to live, and in the end, he wanted to save her with his own life. I remember my heart beating faster when I finished reading it; at the same time, I felt a bit sad, as if I had lost something. This is probably the feeling of reading a book for myself. If someone else told me the story or explained the content in a few minutes on TikTok, I might not have these feelings and thoughts, and I might even see comments like "Homeless person: Why isn't anyone speaking up for me?" in the comment section.

I'm currently reading "To Kill a Mockingbird," which has more characters. I need to take notes on the relationships between the characters while reading. At first, I didn't record anything, and after reading a few pages, I couldn't recognize who was who because in the United States, they directly use people's names, just like in the book, they don't say "my father" or "my brother." So I need to clarify these character relationships first.

Annual Meeting#

On Sunday afternoon, I participated in the company's annual meeting online, but I didn't watch it seriously. I remember the annual meeting two years ago, I fast-forwarded and skipped through the whole afternoon, and finished watching all ten episodes of the first season of "Zombie Campus" that Netflix just released in one go. I didn't even notice that it had already ended and I kept watching.

I took this time to complete my daily plan, did some LeetCode problems, and memorized some vocabulary.

Get in the mood and get ready for the Chinese New Year 🎉

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