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Welcome to my channel.

Changed the browser, haven't logged into xlog for a long time, wallet is gone, account is gone. This is my previous account.


Is there any way to retrieve it~~

If you can't retrieve it, spend some time to resynchronize it to a new account.

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog, but I haven't been idle with other things. In the past two months, I have been writing weekly every week, but it hasn't been synchronized to the xLog platform.

Thinking that several platforms are inconvenient to use, I need to switch. Last night and this morning, I studied telegram channels and bots, and with the help of automation platforms, I can synchronize content to channels through RSS.

At the same time, I also added Douban RSS, and automatically synchronized Douban broadcast RSS to the channel.

I use cubox for reading later and bookmarking, but cubox does not support synchronizing its content to telegram. So I used inoreader to add various RSS feeds, and through this tutorial, automatically synchronize the starred articles in inoreader to the specified folder in cubox, and also automatically synchronize the starred articles to the telegram channel. This basically meets the requirements.

This is my channel, if you are interested, you can follow it

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